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Jaksta Media Recorder slows down, crashes and eventually fails to start


My Jaksta MR is not working properly, As the title says, after fresh install it works fine, but after a day or two is becomes very slow and eventually becomes unresponsive.

After refuses to start and  hangs "Loading UI"

Reinstalling the software completely (deleting libraries and setting) seems to help, but as I said after just a day or two the story repeats itself. It is not acceptable since I want to monitor few website permanently.

The log data is attached below.

I am using NordVPN, but disabling it doesn't fix the issue.

Please help.

(30.9 KB)

Your logs are not in debug mode.  

As the crash is happening after a few days and at startup please ensure "Debug mode on start" is on.

Also as the application is crashing please send through the msinfo32 details.

For detail on how to do all this please see:


I cant turn on the debug mode because your application just doesn't start. Do i really need to reinstall it and delete all setting again? Such a headache with this software...

No you can turn it on following the instructions here:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-media-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009063 "If the application doesn't start or crashes on start"


Sorry for a long response,

Here are the log data in debug mode and the msinfo32 file


You msinfo shows a large number of windows update failures - please check that these have now all installed successfully.

You JMR logs show a very large number of monitors being loaded - none of which appear to have urls or titles against them?  Not sure how that is possible.

Anyway best you delete them all:  C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\Monitors

Thank you for the fast response,

Indeed the Monitors folder had around 11000 files in it. No idea how this happened since I created just 4 Monitors. 

Emptying the folder resolved the issue. I will keep an eye on its content, and report back if the issue returned.

I’ve had reports that has happened to others yet never been able to get to the bottom of it so if it does happen again then please let me know

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Ok, never mind. The problem came back! But now I think I know what triggers it.

I deleted one monitor (chaturbate room), which was active for some time.

Not only it started to create empty monitors, but it also continued to track the chaturbate room and download its videos, even though the monitor was deleted.

Also  the software now gives these unwanted videos  weird names, which uses this format: NAME YYY-MM-DD HHMM

I hope it helps you to find and kill this annoying bug.

Thanks for the details.

Could you please try this one.


If the issue persists could you please provide debug logs.


After 3 days of testing by deleting monitors in different ways everything seems to work without any issues.

Thank you. 

After the installing and numerous tests (deleting Monitors in different ways),  everything is working fine for the last 3 days.

Thank you


I just wanted to say that after installing Version  everything is working perfectly. 

Thank you

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