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Jaksta Funktion "Screen" missed!


Already half a year ago I bought a normal version of Jaksta Media Recorder. Now I have seen in the Internet that there is a function "Screen".

But... I do not find this funktion Funktion in Jaksta Media Recorder version 7?

Please give me a hint, where I can find this "Screen" funktion.

That feature in version 5/6 has been replaced by the DVR function.

Please see :  https://www.jaksta.com/how-to/windows/how-to-save-netflix-movies-and-shows to save neflix videos with version 7.

Thank you for your reply.

However, I have to say that this shocked me!

I understood the feature "Screen" gave the oporunity to record any video on any website.

The DVR function works - if I understand it correctly - only for certain websites.

So I'm not interested in Netflix and all other websites that offered via "DVR"!
Videos that I want to record are integrated into German websites and I do not appear on your list of DVR at all!

And how should now the very limited function of "DVR" be an adequate replacement for the very open function "Screen"?

In general, I assume that if software is further developed, it will preserve its existing functionality and add new features ...

Why is not that the case with Jaksta Media Recorder?


Klaus Gurr

from Germany

You included a screen shot of you trying to record from netflix with a product for which support finished years ago and asked how to use our latest product to do the same, for which I provided a link showing you exactly how to do that.

Try the DVR on the website you are wanting to capture from following the same 3 steps in the how to link I provided.