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Documentation of Jaksta Media Recorder

My impression is that the Jaksta Media Recorder is a great tool with a lot of funcitons...
but where ist the clear, easy and comprehensive description of all this functions and settings?

The help you offer for Jaksta Media Recorder seems to be pretty thin!

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Ok perhaps you just missed the following:

1. The user guide is here:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/user-guide-jaksta-media-recorder-for-windows-v7-6000171522, or F1 or main menu > help from within the app

2. Each setting has a tooltip that explains the setting - hover your mouse over the setting for details.

3. The inbuilt tutorial which guides you graphically through the app is displayed on first startup and can be displayed again at any time via the main menu > tutorial.

4. The forum is here to ask questions and get answers back from.  The more detailed the question, providing the site you are having issues with etc, providing debug logs etc, the quicker we can respond with an answer.