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Record from YouTube Premium


I have my settings in Jaksta Media Recorder for «Request Best Output Size» turned off and set the output to 1280 and 720. When i recorded a video from YouTube, the video is set to an 810 x 450 output and the video quality is not HD.

Are they any options to set the best quality and size for a video from YouTube?

Request Best Output size is a DVR setting.  Whilst this can be used to record YouTube, the best capture method for youtube is direct download.  You will be presented with all available formats and qualities.

The following how to details how to do that.


If is a YouTube Premium (Red) video it didn't download it. Just a trailer.

Sorry my mistake - didn't realize you where talking about Red/Premium.

Request Best Output size (DVR setting), requests the best output size for the computer the recording is occurring on.  If you mouse over the setting you will get a tool tip showing what this is on your computer and some other info.

If you switch this setting off, you can set the requested output width and height.    See the tooltips for the width and height, which explains quality considerations when requesting large output sizes.


I already do that. The thing is that i set the output to 1280x720 but when the video is recorded it is set to 810x450.

Please note that it is a requested output size - here is the tooltip:

"The requested output height.  
Note that the actual size is determined by the video being recorded but it will not be larger than this.  
Recording quality can be affected by requesting large output sizes.  
Quality is determined by factors such as the quality of the stream sent to the player and your computers, memory and CPU/GPU specifications."

Up the requested size - say to 1080p (1920x1080).  That results in a 720p being recorded on my machine for normal youtube, but you will need to play around to see what you get as it depends on your machine and the site being DVR'ed and how they have the player configured.

Al right.

Thanks a lot for the info!

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