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JMR 2 and Netflix on Mac fails.

I can't seem to record Netflix content on my Mac using Mojave operating system.

None of theinstruction files I find on ur site look the same as my version of JMR 2

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Hi Paul,

By the sounds of it you may be looking at the User Guides for the Windows version of Jaksta, which is very different both in how it looks and what features it has.

As far as Netflix is concerned, Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac is not able to capture from it.

As an alternative you can try Jaksta Screen Recorder which is included in the Deluxe Bundle, but it will require you to carry out the recordings in real time (same as normal tape recording). 

You will have the best chance of success using Region mode, but it would also be worth experimenting with the other recording modes to determine which works best for you.

If you need the User Guides for Screen Recorder than you can get to them here - https://www.jaksta.com/support/mac/kb/user-guide-jaksta-screen-recorder-for-mac-6000042031



Jaksta Support

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