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I have just downloaded Jaksta Music Recorder because I am having issues with Apowersoft in Windows 10. Before I spend another $50 on a license I would like some answers to the following questions

1) I am recording exclusively from Spotify but the Recording setting "Application" will not record anything

. The only setting that works is "Stereo Mix".. How am I supposed to set Spotify in the "App" configuration? I see spotify.exe how do I select it?

2) The Naming Rules do not seem to work.  I have it set to tag with only {title] but it names with [artist]-[title] both in the name and the title.

I started this message while recording and the name of the track was set to "Support Start a discussions Jaksta.mp3"

Jaksta Music Recorder is 19.95 USD.

1.  Application recording on Windows 10 requires secure boot be switched off - you should be prompted to do this if it is enabled.   There are more details on this here:


2.  Please note that naming rules use {} not [].  Automatic track tagging look up occurs once the song is finished recording.  If you are using "Stereo Mix" recording then the browsers title is used as the initial name until automatic track tagging lookup occurs when recording is finished.  If you are using Application recording then the application's window title the sound is coming from is used until automatic track tagging lookup occurs when recording is finished.  For the Spotify app this initial name is the name of the song currently playing.  For other apps though this may not be the case - it depends on how they function.

If you require further help please provide debug logs showing the issue you are having:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-music-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009060

Here is an image of Jaksta Music Recorder recording from Spotify.

Thanks for your reply. Does your $19.95 recorder have the full recording and ID3 tagging capabilities?  

My system reports "Boot Mode: BIOS (Secure Boot not supported)" but after a reboot the Spotify Application sound began to function as it should during recording.

I now understand my naming problem better. What is happening is that some tracks, but not all, are failing to ID and Tag. So with naming set to "Use application title as initial" when the ID look up fails the Spotify artist-title description remains but there is no complete ID3 tag.

The pop/rock tracks are not all new or unusual and should be in any comprehensive data base.

The reason I am trialing Jaksta is that my licensed version of Applian Replay Music 8 is having exactly the same tagging issues. As my Jaksta Trial has now expired I am attaching a screen shot of RM8 to show the problem I am also attaching your debug log although it was created after the trial expired

(175 KB)
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