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Jaksta Media Recorder doesn't start.

After last week Windows updates Jaksta Media Recorder crashes on start.

I attached log files.

(601 KB)
(8.09 KB)

Isn't there any solution?


Ensure all windows updates are installed successfully.

Uninstall JMR completely, including checking "Delete any existing settings and library" in the uninstaller,


Reinstall JMR.

It still doesn't work.

Your logs are showing BytescoutScreenCapturing.dll is causing an access violation and this is stopping JMR from running.  Its not clear from the logs what is missing or installed on your machine that is causing this.

Try search for BytescoutScreenCapturing.dll and see if another application is also using it.

Check that it is not being blocked by your antivirus for some reason.  The following files should be in the JMR install folder.


After this week Windows updates Jaksta works again.

Thank You.

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