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Bluestacks/apps support (request)

Hi there,

are there any plans to support stream downloading for apps, through Bluestacks for example? Or would it be too much to ask for it?

Some of the bigger apps come with proper desktop version (websites). Periscope is one of them. While stream downloading fails for content running in the app through Bluestacks you still have the website. So no problem here. Unfortunately many other apps don't come with proper desktop versions/websites and Jaksta fails to download/record content running in the app. Like.live (like.video) would be a perfect example for this.

So what I'm asking for is not a Jaksta app (although that might not be a bad idea) but the Jaksta desktop version fully supporting Bluestacks (or other Android app players)..

Thanks in advance.


Is this what you are referring to?


You want to capture media streamed via applications running on this?

Yes to both questions.
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