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PLEASE Add SET Destination

 I enjoy your products and use the entire suite but there is ONE feature that I ask you PLEASE add.

Please add Set Destination to the Media Recorder (as well as other products).

Media Recorder for Mac is the app I use the most and it is very annoying to have to go into Preferences everytime I want to change the download location.

Why Not Add a "Set Destination" button similarly to the way Media Converter works ?

I see this a major oversite and do not understand why this has not been addressed in new versions.



Hi Lee,

We generally don't get much or any feedback from users saying that they change their download./converted folder locations very often at all. Usually the don't change it and just use the default locations.

I will add this to the list of feature requests for potential development, but I can't even begin to say when or if it will happen.



Jaksta Support


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my suggestion.

I am surprised more users have not mentioned this as a feature upgrade.

The difficulty when downloading a wide range of video files is there is no way to organize them.

Say for example you download 3 files from youtube then 6 files from an online tutorial and 10 files from another site.

They all end up in the same folder and depending on how well they tag the videos, they may or may not have the correct titles.

The only way to do this now is to create a folder called Youtube. Then under that folder a separate folder for every topic or site name.

Then every time you want to download a file I have to go into preferences and change the download folder.

This is made even more difficult if you have the START MONITORING selected because the files are downloaded to folder you last used.

99% of the time this is not the same place you want to put the new files.

Anyone who downloads a lot of videos knows this is extremely tedious.

But if there was an icon to select the download folder then I could make the decision before starting to download and even create new folders if necessary.

I really like the software and the improvements you keep making to allow for new download sites is fantastic. But the work required in organizing files is almost a show stopper and makes me want to consider looking for another solution.


Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

I am sure you have a long list of “Must Haves”, Bugs and “Would be nice” on your development plate.

All the best and keep up the good work.


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