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Store and registration mails down

Hi Jaksta team,

want to buy the media recorder....but....the store page won´t open...

Wether with Mac, Pc, iphone, ipad...On LAN, WLAN or 4G....no way....

Also the registration workflow...no way..."successfully registered"....but no e-mail verification link...no possibility to set a password and so on...

I used my old scruffy google account to write this mail...

What´s the reason? Maybe I´ve to use the old 1.x Version of your software...

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Hi Mirko,

Apologies for the delayed response and for the trouble you have had with Jaksta.

Our system experienced some technical issues over the weekend that prevented new purchases from being processed.

We believe that the issue has now been resolved. Your purchase and any activation attempts should now work when tried again.

 Please let me know if you continue to have problems or if we can help with anything else.



Jaksta Support

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