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livestreams stop downloading when auto recording

When im auto recording a livestream, i want to quit the page and let JMR keep recording the stream, without me keeping the screen open. 

I used JMR version 4 in the past and it worked fine.

Now with JMR 7 the recoring stops automaticly when i quit the page, while AUTO is still on. 

Any solution? 

See attachment


The site is using secure websockets and can only be captured with AUTO on.  If you switch AUTO off then traffic is nolonger monitored and therefore cant be captured.

It's not about the auto switch. I keep that always ON.

It's that i dont want to keep the page open while im recording. 

In the older jaksta (version 4) i started recording and then i could leave the page and it kept recording the stream. 

Now when i exit the page it will stop the recording. 

Please help me find a solution. 

V4 is extremely old and secure websockets did not exist back then as a streaming media protocol and therefore v4 never support it.

If you switch AUTO off or close the connection (by closing the browser tab) then there is nothing to capture.  

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