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Is Jaksta for macOS ever going to be able to capture HTML5 streams such as those on jasmin.com? This feature has been available on the Windows version for a year now. Thank you.

Hi Andrew,

The Mac version of Jaksta Media Recorder is able to capture HTML5 streams (in general). However, the streaming protocols used are generally site-specific and are not universal.

In the case of jasmin.com, Jaksta is unable to capture those particular HTML5 streams and it would require a fix to be developed specifically for it. 

It is not the result of an inherent problem or inability to capture HTML5 streams.

We are aware of this problem and it is currently on our development list, but I can give no ETA on when a fix might be ready.



Jaksta Support

CRS would be on a fix for his Windows product in a flash.

"Jaksta" for macOS hasn't been able to capture a single HTML5 stream from the websites I've visited, with the exception of YouTube. This includes BBC iPlayer, Twitch, any of the major cam girl sites and multiple sport streaming sites.

Call your product "Jaksta Light" or something if you're unwilling or unable to provide the hotfixes needed to capture popular HTML5 streams. You'd have to lower the price to that or lower than the Windows version though but that would only be honest.

I'm just under the impression that you charge 66 % more than Windows Jaksta for an undersupported version because "Jaksta" for macOS simply doesn't sell in the same numbers. Currently, it's not the the same nor "66 %" ahead of the Windows version. Currently it captures 0 % of the HTML5 streams I'm used to the Windows version being able to.

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