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Jaksta Radio Recorder 7 does not work

Please help me.

It does not work. When I set the time to automatically record the program online, nothing happened. I installed it on PC. It worked before but now it doesn't.

1. Do not automatically record online radio programs with the installation time

2. Nothing when I click Run Now

3. How can I add a new program at a station but it is not available in the software's available database.


Your logs are not in debug mode.  Please follow the instructions here:


Make sure debug is on before you try and manual run a scheduled station/show.

For a program that is not in the guide you will need to work out the stations stream url.  If you provide details then we can look at it for you.

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Thank you. I sent again the file.

- How can I manually search the thread url of the station.


why i have no answer.Delayed support

The logs show the tasks (scheduled recordings) are disabled in the Windows Task Manager

ScheduleManager: Error Run task 447ffa9d-b158-49d6-b26b-b5cb20ffe5b8: The task is disabled. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80041326)

1. In the "Type here to search" box type Taskschd.msc and hit enter to launch the Windows Task Scheduler.


2. Click the Task Scheduler Library folder in the console tree and look for tasks with the name "Jaksta Radio Recorder 7".


3. In the console window, click the task that you want to enable.


4. In the Actions pane, click Enable. The Enable command will only be available in the Actions pane if the task is disabled.

Thank you very much. Click Run now and the software is active.

But it cannot run when I set the fixed time

Need debug logs.

switch on debug as previously shown and then wait for scheduled recording to start (when it should have) and then collect logs and attach here.  You can also look in the Windows task manager to see when it should have been triggered.

all losses are failed. I feel terrible. The software does not automatically record the program as before, Please update to the new version


Your logs now show that the application does not have access to the windows task manager

2019-02-12 07:36:04,602 [5] INFO c3 [(null)] - ScheduleManager: Error create/update task The Rush Limbaugh Show: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

You or some other software on your machine has limited permission access to the scheduled tasks.

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