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auto capture results in error message


Have used v5.4 for many years and one day STOPS working.  Most use is with US PBS using Passport Access.  I am using the AUTO setting and resulting file is in ERROR.  I have read the Technical session and still in the dark.  BTW, I can't create an account and have to use Goggle Email.

Thank You,


Hello again.  I did attach another LOG to my previous request for HELP!

Anyone HOME?

I have turned off audio downloads.  Read previous emails in Technical Support.  I have tweaked the settings under Personalization and Internal Downloads.  I get no downloads under Home when using Auto or paste URL options.  I don't know what else to trial and error.  Can you or anyone else HELP?

Maybe you work for the new company and NOT the old Jaksta?  I have bought several copies under Jaksta and just bought 7 (didn't know I could get for free)!


Who is the new Jaksta?  Ive been developing this for over 10 years.

As I said your logs show you are Audio Recording.  Audio recording only records audio and is used for capturing music.

Please go to the Main menu in the top left corner and select Tutorial and then have a read and follow the prompts that show you the different capture methods.

PBS can be captured using the Stream Downloader's extraction engine.  Simply cut and paste the url of the page hosting the show.  Multiple formats/qualities are available. 

If you are still having issues please provide debug logs that have debug ON before you attempt to capture a video, 

OK, I will try again.  I have been thrashing over a week.  The different capture methods NEVER should up.  I suspected my Firewall has been blocking, but the audio comes thru.  So, does that mean that the video IS NOT block I have another problem.

I will try again.  I have to subscribe to Passport with PBS to get access to the videos I want to download so I will have to see.

A long time ago I was informed that Jaksta was sold to Applan.  I bought their corresponding software assuming Jaksta would go away.  Since you have been with Jaksta, then you are from Down Under!?  I own three software packages from Down Under and have been very pleased.

First problem is I can't get to the above screen to select which download method which has been my problem all alone.

BTW, I was inform back in 2015 that Jaksta was bought by Applian.  I assumed Jaksta was going away so I bought Applian corresponding line of software.

Could the PBS video be protected and that's why the software goes into audio mode?

Could my Firewall be Blocking something?


Firewall blocking and/or PBS blocking video download causing audio download ONLY?

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