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Question about DVR Quality

I’ve been playing with the Media Recorder Windows demo (under Parallels, Windows 7), and I’ve noticed a few of the sites I’ve tried ripping from seem to be displaying low quality video. I’ve tried with both HGTV and Channel 4, and they’re giving me roughly 630 x 300-something video. I’ve noticed while watching a stream normally that those streams will start off poor quality, then bounce to higher quality after a few seconds. Is the DVR simply seeing the lower quality video and then going with that for the rip? Hoping someone can help me out as the lower quality video is the thing keeping me back from buying a copy of it. Seems the PC version is a lot more robust when compared to the Mac one.
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For optimal quality DVR captures are at a max 1/4 of your screen size by default.

See Settings > DVR > Request Best Output Size - tool tips for more details.  If you switch that off you can set the output width and size.  Have a look at the tooltips so you can understand its effects.

As you are running in a VM you will no doubt want to make that screen as large as possible.


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