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Windows 10 1809 - DVR recordings are blank/black videos

DVR System has been working well on Netflix & Amazon for a couple of weeks since Jaksta was installed but now I find that video is not recorded to the output folder but the sound is recorded. Also the live small window that used to appear showing the video does not show.

When you look at the progress log you can see that the recording appears to be being made.  I have appended two jpeg's showing the start and ending of the progress file.     This  appears to to show the recorded program with its correct timing in program length,  all the small video files  as they are received but they are not consolidated into a single output file?

Having looked at some possible fixes on the forum they do not seem to apply for Win 10

I am using v and  my system is win 10 home v1809 fully patched I7 system 16GB mem.

Anthony Allen

1809 has been a bit of disaster for MS and now has also affected our DVR functionality.  

I am working as hard as possible to come up with a legal alternative recording solution for premium content providers such as netflix.  Rolling back to 1803 may or may not be an option for you or using a VM.  




Hello CRS,

Any news on this problem as regards timescales for resolving it.   I only bought this licence for recording Netflix & Amazon, not had much use as yet?

Best Regards,

Anthony  Sent  @  20:27 pm  Tuesday 12/2/2019

Working hard on it.  Its a pain in the but for all as you can imagine.  The joys of trying to keep up with MS.

You could try a Virtual Machine in the mean time -  Free ones here:


Hello ,

Any news update on progress please?


Still working on a suitable replacement capture method as the DVR will not work with the new Windows 1089 way of working.

Hello there,

Any news on progress, another four weeks has passed with no information from you?  Have you given up on solving this video recording problem?  It seems along time sorting out this compatibility issue with Win 10 1809  There must be a lot of people complaining about this?


Still working on an alternative solution for the DVR functionality on windows 1089.   Windows 1089 does not function like previous versions (does not support of screen rendering), so the current method we use to capture content where direct downloading is not possible because of copy protection will not work.  Not many of our users have upgraded to 1809 from the analytics Ive seen - its not an automatic update yet.  A VM is your best solution if you cant/dont want to revert to 1083.  Free VM's are listed above.


Thanks for your last reply, unfortunately I deleted the files that would have enabled me to revert to the previous version of win 10. As a discussion point I comment as follows below for your interest 

 I have also had a problem recording from the live screen from NowTV which I know has a protection system.   I got around that system by putting  the Laptop output HDMI to a HDMI spliter  and then using a Hardware HDMI recorder box. This functions okay but recordings are only in 1080p which is acceptable to me.  The only downside is that this is in real time like a screen recorder but unlike your program which recorded almost like a down loader and didn't tie up the laptop.

I trust you will continue to work on the problem in the mean time, thanks again.


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