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"URL is not supported" when downloading from BBC iPlayer / BBC Sounds website using JMR 7 for Windows


I've started having problems downloading since the BBC redesigned their website as BBC Sounds.

In the past I've dragged and dropped the URL to JMR's minimised window and it has duly downloaded the file and tagged it with the correct name.

Now it fails to download with the error message "URL is not supported" .

Switching JMR to Auto mode results in the recording being downloaded OK, BUT now it is not tagged / named as anything meaningful, just "pc_hd_abr_v2_uk_dash_master-mpd x.wav" (where x increments for each file).

I assume this is due to changes made by the BBC at their end ?  Will you be able to update JMR to cope with these changes and extract and apply names as previously  or are there any settings I can change in my client to overcome this issue ?


I am running: Windows 7 x64 SP1, JMR v7.0.1.36

What is the url of a stream you are having issues with?  

When I use auto mode here I get a correctly named mp4 file,  not a wav file as you are.  In any case the wav format does not support ID3 tags so it wont be tagged.  You would need to convert it to mp3 or something else that does.  File naming rules are controlled by Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Naming Rules.  Given the file name you have got it would look like the stream detected has no info at all in it to identify what it is.

Ill look at updating the extraction engine for BBC sounds.

The old url is still available for use by the extraction engine



can be accessed by


Use the search here to find what you are looking for:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes

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