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Still problems using URL

 Hello CRS,

Attached is my latest from old thread:


hello crs,

i didn't have a defective wireless usb adapter after all since the replacement couldn't access the net. i had blocked all internet access.

attached is another log and screen captures of two pbs url downloads. the first is the one provided by me which succeeded.  the second attempted screen capture is my pbs failure.  it bombs almost immediately with the error message suggesting that i try the auto.  i tried the auto method and nothing happened.  previously,  i was able to download the failed pbs episode and many others using the url method.  i can not duplicate using the url method which know worked previously.  can't you provide some advice?


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I just tested again with a hard wire connection from my desktop to the router/modem.  Again, program suggests to use Auto or DVD method.  The tutorial doesn't show how to use the Auto.  I have shown my connection(s) are good downloading your suggestion, but I can't duplicate downloading using the URL method from one day to the next.  I assume you are assuming it's my problem which it may be, but I don't know what else to do.  I own multi copies of the support and I don't see buying any updates.


The extraction engine which is what you are using when you cut and paste a url targets specific popular sites and attempts to extract the media stream from the page hosting the video player.  The extraction engine doesn't support the video url you are entering at this time.   If it did previously then something has changed on the site so that it no longer works.  I've added it to the list of site requests for the extraction engine.   

AUTO mode detects media streams that you start to play in your browser.  It is targeting specific media streaming protocols.  To use the AUTO mode, switch the AUTO button to ON and open a new tab on your browser and go to the page hosting the video and play it.  It needs to detect the start of the stream so ensure you open the page hosting the video after you switch AUTO on, not before.

Your logs only show you using the extraction engine.  Provide logs showing you using AUTO mode if you still cant get it to capture.

Hello CRS,

I tried the AUTO mode as stated in your email.  However, nothing happens in the NEW Tab window after starting the video..

Please advise.



Attached is the new tab window with the above AUTO mode try.

(87.9 KB)

you need to go to and play the video you are trying to capture ....

Hello Again,

I opened a second window (AUTO Mode) and I pasted the url into the second window since nothing was happening otherwise. Since pasting the url has no results, then you can suggest something else. Attached is the screen capture with the two windows and the open Jaksta window and the zip file.  How do I open my video into the second Window since nothing happens when I open it.

(186 KB)

I think you are getting very confused about how AUTO works.  

It detects media that is playing in your browser.    It has nothing to do with pasting urls into JMR (which uses the extraction engine not AUTO).

Switch on AUTO

Open your browser - go to a page hosting the video and play it (say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ7MwfcjCa0)

JMR will detect it and capture it.

It looks like you have switched off Settings > Internet Downloads > Monitor HTTPS/SSL as no HTTPS traffic is being captured, although its hard to tell as you switched debug on after you switched AUTO on.

So again have a look at the tutorial and then follow these steps.

1. To ensure we are on the same page close JMR and your browser

2. Start JMR.

3. In JMR, Get Support > Switch on Debug Mode

4. In JMR, Home and switch on AUTO

5. Open your browser

6. Navigate your browser to the page hosting the video and play it.

7.  JMR will detect and capture it on the home tab.

8. If it doesnt then do a hard refresh on the page hosting the video to flush the cache for that page (video may be cached). To do this on your browser page hosting the video hold the Ctrl key down and press F5.

9.  If you still have issues collect the debug logs as you have previously been doing.


Hello Again,

I tried your example and mine without success. Monitor HTTPS/SSL is always set to "ON".

For my log, I used your Youtube example and followed your instructions including the hard refresh. All without success.


Forgot to mention that I was able to save your Youtube video using the URL method.

JMR is not receiving HTTPS traffic.  

Please switch debug on before AUTO as requested so we can see what is happening on your machine.

When I start JMR, the AUTO sets itself (to ON) before I can start the Debug.  What to do?

As stated above, I can't start DEBUG before AUTO turns ON. So, I turned AUTO OFF, then  Turned DEBUG On and  AUTO ON.  I tried without success on AUTO your Youtube and my PBS.  I was able to download your Youtube using the URL method.

Attached is the log for my three exercises.

I looked at my settings and they seemed alright to me, but only failures.


OK, I checked DEBUG and DEBUG mode on START and then closed JMR.  Opened JMR and can't tell if DEBUG started before AUTO.

Repeated Youtube with same failure and didn't bother to do any more tests.

Log attached for this experiment.


Do you know if there is anyone else on the Planet trying to download US PBS?

If AUTO is on when you start JMR then you have switched on Settings > Internet Downloads > Start automatic dectection on start.

Yes, US PBS can be captured in AUTO mode. I have already shared screenshots with you showing US PBS being captured - here is another

Your browser, which appears to be firefox, is not directing HTTPS traffic to Jaksta Media Recorder.

Try the following:

1. Reset all your settings to the defaults.  Settings > Reset button top right 

2.  Ensure firefox is using the system proxy:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/firefox-not-detecting-https-streams-in-auto-mode-like-youtube-6000074222, or use another browser that does.

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