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kindly Help Jaksta Media Recorder 7 crashes on start

kindly Help Jaksta Media Recorder 7 crashes on start i tried to reinstall but no luck 

kindly find the attachment log file and my pc info

(628 KB)
(10.8 KB)

You have a few apps crashing including malware bytes.  Please provide the following crash dump and Ill have a look and see what might be causing it for you.


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Pls i need to fix this issue 

You are using an old version.  Please update to the latest.

That wont be your issue though (which is machine related due to the crash coming from very low down in the .net framework and the other apps crashing on your machine).

Unfortunately the wer file didnt contain any info to point me to what might be wrong on your machine.  

If you would like you can configure a minidump to happen - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/wer/collecting-user-mode-dumps - and send that in and we might be able to see something in there to help you fix it.

kindly find the attachment  , thanks for your support


any update ???

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