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How can I specify different artwork per recording

 The artwork lookup provides is an insulting image.  I tried {artist} and {album} in the global configuration yet I still get the same insulting image.  How can I specify a different image?

You can change artwork by opening the captured files Properties and going to the artwork tab.

You can load your own or select one of the suggested images which are based on the Settings > Naming Rules > Artwork Lookup rule.

In the scheduled recording, on the tab "Override Tags"  set these correctly to the show/station name so the lookup happens correctly.

Could you please provide further details of the "insulting image"  and the recording this is getting selected with.


By specifying {artist} or {album} I get the following:

MSNBC might find this acceptable, but it is insulting to anyone who actually thinks and is not driven by extreme hatred & bias.

As for your recommendation for changing MP3 properties, excellent!  But will that occur from now on or do I have to change each file?  I will be testing it.  My solution was to use {album} and specify "The Rush Limbaugh Show".  That gave me an acceptable result.

Use the tags for your scheduled recording.  Set the title to "the rush limbaugh show".

The image search doesn't include the time mag image (at least here).

If you are still getting incorrect images, then please provide debug logs as per https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/technical/jaksta-radio-recorder/how-to-generate-debug-logs-6000009062

At step 3 do a short manual recording of the show so I can see what is being used for the image search.


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