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failed download

Hello Jaksta support. Please see attached scheduled.jpg.  Both downloads are from


First one ran just fine, second one failed after 11 min. Tell me why please?  Log file attached.


Clinton Solon


Failed to open the playlist - read timeout after 20 secs.

thanks for your reply, but as a relative lay person it doesn't mean much to me. Do you think you could expand on it a bit please? Are there any settings that I could change to decrease the chances of it happening again?


Clinton Solon

Read timeouts are caused by a respond not being received to a request within a certain time.  This could be the internet connection or the server failing to respond.

Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS has settings where these settings can be controlled.

Your logs show many failures trying to connect, but retries eventually succeed and the download continues.  Except in the case you highlight where after several reties no connection could be made and download stopped.

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