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Can't download video

I have tried several times to download a program from the Dutch public broadcaster.

Until recently it went fine with the help of Jaksta.

Now all programs seem to have copy protection. This means that I can no longer download anything.

Do I have to set the program in a different way?

Can you help me?

I attached imagea screenshot that might give a better picture.


The link of the program:




Thank you very much!




Paul Hulsbosch


Name: Paul Hulsbosch

Email: paul.hulsbosch@outlook.com


If the stream is copy protected you need to use the DVR capture method.  

1. Click the video camera icon in the top toolbar,  

2. launch the DVR Browser be clicking the globe icon.

3. In the DVR browser navigate to the the page hosting the video and start playing the video.

4. Click the red record button in the DVR Browser.

Dear Sir / Madam,

After several attempts, we have succeeded in downloading a program. Thanks for this important information!However, I wondered if the download could be faster. Downloading a 15-minute program also takes 15 minutes.

Do I have to change certain settings?

Sincerely,Paul Hulsbosch

Yes that is correct.  The DVR capture method is a real time capture as the video plays.

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