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Media Err decode: failed to prepare video sample for decode

 I've obtained this error when recording a video from Staatsoperlive.com using the DVR capture method. Jaksta correctly recorded approximately 50 minutes of video, and then this happened. Formerly I've been able to record from this site. It was even possible to use autodectection and download, but this procedure doesn't work anymore.


That is the stream that has failed and the player the DVR is recording has recorded the message.  

I'm not sure. I went to the site and played the stream from the time when the recording failed and it played properly every time. When I tried to record again, the message appeared few seconds after start. The same pattern repeated twice (a first attempt to record, that worked for almost an hour and failed, and a more early failure at a second attempt, whilst playing the stream itself worked fine), in different computers and with different internet connections.

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