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Recording Webrtc on myfreecams

MFC is switching from flash to webrtc  when running jaksta media recorder it dont detect the webrtc stream at all

Do I need to switch a setting or is it something that will be fixed in future?


Hey! i dunno what I'm looking at with the logs, but I searched webrtc

ExtractionEngineDownloader: Not supported: video844.myfreecams.com/webrtc-session.json

Told ya it was webrtc not dash 

Again though I do thank you for the help lol

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I see DASH streams still which is the protocol they have been using for a while.

Could you provide debug logs if you see video and audio streams over webrtc.  We support the webrtc implementations used by several sites,  but each needs to be implemented differently.


They have beta WEBRTC the models can choose to use, most still using the old flash currently 


Ok.  Please provide debug logs or details on models who use this currently so we can have a look.

The latest extraction engine update now support myfreecams, so you no longer have to use AUTO mode.  

Just enter the myfreecams models url in the "Enter (or drag and drop) the URL of a video page to download"   (ie  https://www.myfreecams.com/#<model>

You can also monitor your favorite MFC cams using the Live cam Monitor function (the Monitor tab)

I dunno if giving model names will help because they probz wont be online when you look 

If you enable flash then keep clickin next model after a few you will come on a model using WEBRTC, you will know becaus as cam loads instead of just "loading webcam.." it will say loading webcam with a green arrow and then a spinning green disc, that means they using WEBRTC which jaksta dont' detect at all as a stream

I've attached what it looks like

Cheers for the help! 

(30.6 KB)

So did the debug log help? is this something you could upgrade jaksta to do? thanks! appreciate ya 

 Hello there, here are examples of models which use it but as stated above its now 99% of them so pretty much any model you click on. 



Apart from above i tried to get you guys some logs. Unsure if there will be anything useful for you but here you are... I will just state this was working for me 100% since i bought this software so i am not doing anything new here.

What i did after enabling debug mode on startup and re-starting jaksta:

  1. enabled "automatic detect and download video"
  2. open MFC main page
  3. open some MFC model on same tab in chrome browser
  4. waited 10 seconds
  5. repeated above 2 steps few times
  6. (just as experiment if it will produce any useful logs tried also following ) paste address "https://www.myfreecams.com/#VivianisHere" into URL field which was currently streaming into and hit "digital video record" 
  7. waited 10-20 seconds in which recording failed
  8. went to support tab and generated log


So are you neva gonna do a fix for this? 

@masterpow you have to enable flash

It aint 99% its more like 1 out of 25 or maybe 1 in 50

Top models more likely because you need desent internet

Their Webrtc implementation is not looking good as it is encrypted and their servers won't accept a request for an unencrypted stream.  

However, they still provide HLS and dash streams that are detected and captured just fine in AUTO mode.  At the moment Im working on adding support to the extractor for them, which will allowthem to be used in the live monitor and using drag and drop etc.  

@gary garyson I did enable flash prior to doing all above. (forgot to mention it so thanks)

Hey! saw there was an update to Jaksta and was hoping I could now downloads the webrtc mfc streams but still no luck! was this something you didn't include this time? :( cheers pal!


Yes that was an emergency release to support slight changes to YouTubes dash protocol.

Still working on MFC's webrtc implementation.

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