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unable to download some youtube videos in all the different qualities


I hope it's ok for me to ask a general question here.
I use a white label version of Jaksta Media Recorder and it works great in allowing you to download youtube videos in all the available qualities but there are some videos where it gives the option to only download in HTTPS 360p and not the other qualities.
Is this the same for Jaksta Media Recorder?
I will give the links to some videos that have this issue.
Thanks so much in advance.


Im getting these qualities here ...

If you want to change to a Jaksta License so we can support you then please provide your white labeled product license details and request a change over to Jaksta at the following link.  There is no charge.



thanks so much for your reply.

I see it is the same issue, it detects all the different formats and qualities but doesn't show their size and when you start a download it says 0 bytes Complete (Errors) except for the mp4 HTTPS 360p quality, it shows the size for that and is able to download it ok.

I will attach some screencaptures.




Thanks for reporting. supports the recent changes to the youtube dash protocol.


Download from:


Hi again,

I just made the switch and purchased Jaksta Media Recorder and it still has the same issue.


Works ok here with the latest version

Please provide debug logs as per 


Oops so sorry, my mistake, it is downloading great now.

Thanks so much for the fix!
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