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with the Upgrade to Version the Monitor has e realy bad Performace.

The checking for each Page for an stream takes much longer as with the Version

Winpcap compatible mode is required when installing npcap.  It is set on by default when installed via the JMR installer.  If you already have it installed then you dont need to do anything.  Just upgrade.

It is working good and with the simultaneous checking it is also faster as the old version :)

Due to the bandwidth off my internet connection is high enough i have set concurrent Downloads to 8 thats working, however it looks like that 8 simultaneous Website checking´s are sometimes to much for the extractor. So i think that two different setting for the simultaneous Website checking and concurrent downloads would be better.

Thanks for the suggestion.  new setting has just been added. 

Today i have installed the new Version, where i can find the new setting?

Sorry didnt make it in to this build.  Looking at why that is now as I thought I had checked it in.  Obviously not. :(

Here you go:


Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Monitor > Max concurrent checks

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