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Audio when Video starts with Sound

I am having an issue with recording sound when the targeted video starts without sound.  For example a video into has no sound then the sound comes in at the 15 second mark.  JMR does not detect the sound right away so it captures the entire video without sound.  Please help!

Hi Eric,

That isn't how Jaksta works, assuming you are referring to the standard auto-capture mode. It detects the stream and then immediately starts capturing all of the embedded data in it (video and audio). It doesn't detect sound separately and then begin audio recording. It also shouldn't miss out on any audio that comes later just because it wasn't at the start.

Can yo please supply the URL to the video so that I can test it myself? Can you also attempt other captures of standard YouTube videos and let me know if you experience the same problem? We need to determine if it is an isolated case or if it's a universal issue.

We can then look to troubleshoot your settings if needed.



Jaksta Support

Hi Eric,

I experienced the same thing with my testing.

No audio on the first video and a normal download for the second video. It is definitely a download/capture issue, and is probably only relevant to some videos that use a different streaming protocol. We will most likely need to develop a fix to get the capturing working again.

I have generated a log file from my testing that I will forward onto our development team. They can then investigate further. Unfortunately I can't offer an ETA on when a fix might be ready, but if it's simple enough then hopefully not too long.

Do you mind if we keep your login details on file for ongoing testing?



Jaksta Support

That is OK to use the login info for testing! If you could send me a email when completed and fixed that would be appreciated! 

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