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No monitors available...

Hello there,

Yesterday I bought the Jaksta Media Recorder 7 and it worked properly for a day but today the message I got when I opened the program is "No monitors available. There are not enabled monitors". No setting change makes the program start working. I include the logs as an attachment.

Looking forward your answer.



You are trying to start the enabled monitors but you have no monitors enabled.  Your logs show that you actually have not created any.  Ie in the screen shot below - you are trying to switch on the red circled button, but have nothing listed in the list with the red star.

The live stream monitor is for monitoring live webcams,  it checks at a configurable time to see if the live stream has come online and if so captures it.

If you are trying to automatically detect something playing in your browser, then switch back to the Home screen and click the AUTO button.


Also looks like you have Settings > Internet Downloads > Start monitors on start enabled.   As you have no monitors you are getting that notification when you start the application.   

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