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teachable with embeded wistia?

Hi there - i'm trying to download videos from one domain that is a custom redirect for teachable.  But inside of teachable are the wistia videos. I can clearly view the video on my browser, but jaksta keeps failing with the download saying credentials needed.  I've input the correct credentials every time, but it doesn't work.  

I'm attaching the log file for reference.


v7.0.2.4 improves detection of wistia hosted video, which is what this site is using.  You will be prompted with all available formats/protocols.

Download from here:


Could you please provide your login details for www.whitingsolutions.com via the form here:  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new and reference this forum post.

Still on the list ...  no eta to look at it sorry ...

HELLLOOOO....2 months???

Hello!  Havnt had a chance to look at this yet ...  Its on the list.  Appreciate your patience.


URL: https://www.whitingsolutions.com/courses/337948/lectures/5323743

I tried auto as well as copy/paste the URL in the browser window (which you see above)


Please provide the url you are trying to capture from and debug logs of AUTO mode and I can have a look.  The url you were trying to capture from (the json file) is not a web page.

i've done BOTH methods....same result.  its useless

Alternatively, switch on AUTO mode and let JMR pick it up automatically when you play it in your browser.

Looks like you are trying to extract a media stream from https://www.whitingsolutions.com/api/v1/wistia_events.json?

Enter the url of the page hosting the video you want to capture - this is the url displayed in your browsers address bar when you watch the video.

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