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Closed captioning worked but doesn't now


JMR7 - Windows 7 - Chrome browser

JMR no longer records closed captioning (subtitles) on Netflix. Subtitles work fine in Hulu.

I recorded 2 episodes of a Netflix series. Did not have Closed Captioning turned on for first episode, but did for the second. The second episode recorded closed captioning with no problems. I deleted the first episode to re-record with closed captioning.

Closed captioning will no longer work for any new episode I record. Closed captioning is showing when the episode is played in Netflix but will not record in JMR. 

I have cleared browser cache and cleared cache in JMR. 

Extractor subtitles are turned on under advanced Internet Downloads, and I generate an SRT file (do I need to?). 

I uninstalled JMR, deleted all app files I could find on C:, cleared cache, restarted computer, reinstalled JMR.

Problem persists.

Also, after each episode is done recording, a very short separate recording is generated (attached image). They are all the same size and are black screen. I have deleted all of them but wondered if they could have anything to do with subtitles.

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I'm adding a couple more screenshots of my issue. You can see that in the DVR browser subtitles (CC) are running. The minute I hit record the browser is minimized to a thumbnail in the lower corner of the JMR app and subtitles disappear. Is there a setting somewhere that I have wrong?

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