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I am very quickly about to give up on this software and demand a refund. It STOPPED doing what I bought it for after being upgraded!

Again, I have attached the logs.  I have COMPLETELY deleted & reinstalled the software, twice.  I have sent logs, twice with no usable response.  Still the software is not performing the function that I purchased it to do, but this only started failing AFTER upgrading.

By not working, I mean:
     1) on a "My Subscriptions", I click on "Tune Now" and can hear the channel.  I click on "Run Now", it switches to "My Recordings" but nothing appears (older version would show active recordings, here nothing).
     2) In the Settings>Output Folder there is nothing, not even partial files.
     3) It was working BEAUTIFULLY until I upgraded.

Please help me fix this or issue a refund.



Please export and attach your schedule and I will have a look.

Here are the schedules.


STILL WAITING FOR HELP!!!!  Last try as I have been posting for over a MONTH and NO HELP!  PLEASE, I want your product, I just need it to actually WORK!  HELP ME or REFUND ME and tell me who your competitors are!


You will need to select new stations for your shows from the guide.

For Rush:

For Sean

If you want a refund and you purchased in the last 30 days then you can request it here:   https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new 

Applian has a radio record which is a white brand of JMR (they license it off us).  Google would be your best bet to find competing products.

THANK YOU!  Looks like this is working!

THANK YOU AGAIN SO VERY MUCH!!!  I am finally back to recording and the software is working fine!

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