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Jmr recording portions of media

My JMR is recording parts of media. If media is 45 minutes jmr may record 5 mins, or if it 1:30 it may record 15 mins. Recently it started doudle down loading.even if con version is off. It also has started downloading and then freeze .

Perhaps the stream is in several parts? In that case you will need to keep the stream playing in your browser and AUTO on until the browser sends the request for the next part.  

Its not possible for JMR to detect and then download the same stream url at the same time.   Many sites have multiple qualities/formats available and the player requests these depending on bandwidth etc.  The urls are different.  This is called adaptive streaming.  If AUTO is on and the url is different it will be detected as a new stream.  You can control this via the green thumb or switching AUTO off.

Debug logs and the site please if you are still having issues:


Can that happen if im watching the video.
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