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can't record from Amazon Prime

I'm trying to record "Richard II" starring Fiona Shaw from Amazon Prime:  https://www.amazon.com/Richard-II-Fiona-Shaw/dp/B07R3C81ZY/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1GZG78IP486QT&keywords=richard+ii&qid=1562551088&s=movies-tv&sprefix=richard+ii%2Cmovies-tv%2C200&sr=1-3 

Something gets recorded but it is garbled and unviewable. My Jaksta Media Recorder is up to date:  version 2.2.5 (272).  But is Amazon Prime just beyond Jaksta's capabilities at present?


Thanks for the suggestion to use DVR capture method for Amazon Prime.  I'm running Mac OSX Version 10.12.6 (Sierra).  I could upgrade to macOS Mojave if needed.  But is the DVR capture method available on a Mac?  If so, how do I access it?

Thanks for the suggestion to use the DVR method to record Amazon Prime.  I'm running macOS Sierra (version 10.12.6).  I could upgrade to macOS Mojave is needed.  But is the DVR method available on a Mac?  If so, how do I access i?

Sorry - I thought I was on the Windows forum when I replied.    On a Mac you will need to use  https://www.jaksta.com/products/mac/jaksta-screen-recorder. to record copy protected content.

I also cannot record from Amazon Prime. 

Does anyone have a solution yet?

How can I record with Jaksta version 2.2.5 (274) of Amazon Prime?

How fast does it go with the Windows version? Maybe I install Windows with Bootcamp and buy Jaksta for Windows. How well does that work? Also for Netflix.

Hi Christian,

Due to the security and preventative measures put in place by Amazon, Jaksta Media Recorder is not able to capture streams from Amazon Prime.

You might have some luck using Jaksta Screen Recorder, but that will require recording the content in real time. Try it in Trial mode if you don't have a license for Screen Recorder, and make a point to test it using the Region function as it offers the best chance of success.



Jaksta Support

Thanks for your answer, Liam!

But with Windows, Amazon Prime Downlaods would work fine, wouldn't it? 

I wanted to support you again anyway, so I would be willing to pay for the Windows Jaksta Media Recorder again.

I haven't got a PayPal donation address yet, so I think this way works.

Best regards,


Hi Christian,

The Mac and Windows version of Jaksta are actually quite different both in how they look and function. This means that there are some sites/streams that can be captured on one and not the other, and they aren' always 'in sync'.

If you have a Windows PC then trying the Windows version of Jaksta to capture from Amazon Prime might be the way to go.

Thanks again for your support!



Jaksta Support

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