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JMR not downloading YouTube live streams

I updated the extraction engine this morning, only because I restarted JMR for the first time in many days - it normally runs 24/7 downloading YT streams as well as others.

Today it will not download the streams, for example - https://youtu.be/ruAAfy8caYs

I have restarted JMR yet again, just in case you had issued another new extraction engine "to cater for YT changes", which was what corrected the problem the last time it happened.

Hope you can help!


This https://youtu.be/-x8Q2gH6nXE might be a better example of a live YT stream, as the one I gave above can sometimes change.

I have tried installing the previous version of JMR and it's made no difference, still can't download the YT live streams.


Looks like YouTube have just changed their streaming protocol for live streams.

Will try and implement a solution asap.



Thank you for the quick response!  The extraction engine has been updated this UK morning - but the YT live streams are still not downloading.  Just for your info, in case it helps.

Good UK morning!  The extraction engine has been updated again but live YT streams are still resulting in Complete (Errors).  I've tried 3 streams.

Do YT change their protocols in order to prevent downloading, or is the problem a coincidental result of changes they make for other reasons?

Its a new protocol they have implemented for live streams.   Its not related to the extraction engine.  Stand by,  Im working on supporting it :)

The latest extractor update will switch back to the HLS stream for download so these can be captured again.


Ill continue to implement support for the new live protocol in the next release.

Just tested and working, thank you so much!

(I had found other YT live stream downloaders but not nearly as suitable as Jaksta!)

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