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SSL Scanner failed connected to firefox

 I have been using jaksta for years and I have installed and upgraded the application many times. A few days ago I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64 and although I have done this so many times in the past, its the first time I am facing a problem while performing a clean installation of jaksta over a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro x64. I am getting the following message when I enable "auto" which automatically detects and downloads video. "SSL Scanner failed connected to firefox". Have a look at the printscreen below.


The problem is a little awkward as

1. I dont use firefox to open any video I want to record
2. I have no intention of recording when this happens, it just happens when I enable on "auto" without EVER recording any video from another browser.

If I start firefox which immediately defaults to the home page (www.google.com) and then continue to start jaksta, I get the above message. When firefox has not run, I get absolutely no message about any failure of the SSL scanner connecting to firefox. This incident happens only when firefox is running before jaksta is started and right after I enable auto, even when no page is open. If I start firefox after I enable auto in jaksta, no message pops up. Same happens if I disable auto and re-enable it with firefox open, no message once more. Again, when this happens, no video is recorded and I have not even moved to the page that contains the video to be recorded. When Jaksta runs and I enable auto, it seems to be annoyed by the co-existence of firefox where it cannot enable the SSL scanner. You do understand from my description that this problem does not bother my use of jaksta since I am not recording over firefox. But it is very annoying having to close this message over and over again, if I have firefox running at the time I start jaksta and enable auto.

I have unsuccessfully tried to see if I can find a solution about this problem by googling it or even searching jaksta forum but it seems posts about this are very limited.

Expecting your reply.


Could you please provide debug logs as per:


Ensure debug is on, firefox is started and then click auto, get the error and then collect the logs.

Here are the debug logs as you requested.


There are errors connecting the SSL scanner to your firefox profiles:


The error is STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND.  And is coming from a missing Firefox file but im not sure which one from your logs.


1.  Install the latest Firefox.

2.  Delete the firefox profiles.

I already have the latest version.


I also noticed that there were 2 profiles in the log, which I find unbelievable since this is a fresh installation of firefox. As I said before, this is a 100% fresh installation of windows and a 100% fresh installation of firefox. There was no profile restoration whatsoever. I simply finished with windows, then installed firefox, then continued to jaksta.

I will attempt uninstalling firefox and it's leftovers and I will continue to a new installation of firefox. Do you think I should uninstall jaksta prior to uninstalling and reinstalling firefox, or should I leave jaksta alone and just continue with firefox?

I will get back with the results once I am done.


Hello. Can you please reply on the question above?

Should I uninstall jaksta prior to uninstalling and reinstalling firefox or should I leave jaksta alone and proceed with your suggestion about firefox?


Just firefox.

If you did an inplace windows 10 refresh/reset then your profile info wont have been removed.  That is why the old firefox profiles are there.

This was a fresh installation of windows. All partitions deleted, disk formatted, windows installed, firefox installed, jaksta installed. It's purely impossible another profile can continue to exist after this, unless my computer had decided to take its own decisions by now, lol.
Will proceed with firefox and will return for the results.


The default installation of the x64 version of firefox, creates 2 profiles. Have a look yourself.


This is right after completely uninstalling firefox from windows and then deleting relative folder and registry entries. Running firefox without opening any website, creates 2 profiles, a "default" and a "default-release". This explains the 2 profiles found in the debug and proves my point. These 2 profiles were not leftovers but rather the default installation of the x64 version of firefox.

Amazingly enough, SSL scanner successfully connected to firefox after uninstalling and reinstalling the application. However I cannot open any website with firefox and I get the following message.


I also face this problem. Everytime I run jaksta, it reinstalls the SSL scanner, lol. Now that I stopped getting failure messages, I get success messages everytime!

From this point I chose to update jaksta to the next version (, as the application offered. After finishing with the installation, I rebooted my computer. After rebooting the computer, I am back to where we started. SSL scanner fails. Trying to reinstall by clicking on reinstall firefox HTTPS monitor through internet downloads---advanced---https, creates the same error, SQL Error.

A brief step by step description.

1. Uninstalled firefox
2. Cleared the registry
3. Deleted relative firefox folders
4. Installed firefox
5. SSL Scanner success
6. Websites not accessible through firefox --- http://prntscr.com/ojh4hx
7. SSL Scanner keeps successfully installing itself every time I start jasksta
8. Updated to version
9. Firefox successfully opens all websites again
10. SSL Scanner fails
11. Reinstall through jaksta brings SQL Error --- http://prntscr.com/ojha67

As I said, I am running Windows 10 x64 --->  http://prntscr.com/ojhcu9

Mozilla Firefox x64 --->   http://prntscr.com/ojhd4p

Firefox is set to keep its cache to another disk. I doubt this is the problem, as I have been doing this for years without any problems.

Now what?

The default profile should be empty though.  Only the default-release should have an actual profile (folders and files) and in particular the cert9.db file which holds the root certificates.

So im not sure what is missing on your machine that it cant connect to that profile (missing dll error).

I suggest you enable Firefox to use the windows certificate store instead, by enabling security.enterprise_roots.enabled.  This is now all other browsers work.


The default profile is empty until you start firefox. When you start firefox for the first time, the files within the profile are created so the profile is no longer empty as it is before you start firefox for the first time. Logically, I cannot regenerate the problem without starting firefox at least one time, so that jaksta succeeds or fails, like in my case, to install the SSL scanner.

I just tried jaksta once more and to my disbelief, SSL scanner installed successfully!!! I also tried to run jaksta multiple times while at the same time starting firefox before and after jaksta, no more messages about failing or even successfully installing over and over again!!!

This is so awkward if you think that I did not start jaksta since my last message, because I was somehow disappointed. At some point I started thinking that maybe the ESET secure browser that is created with the installation of ESET security products (which creates another firefox instance within the system) might be confusing jaksta. But then I remembered that the 2 profiles were there before I installed my ESET software and that SSL scanner failed both before and after the installation of the ESET software.

During the last week I was away and did not do any work on my fresh windows installation. No software was installed, no windows updates, nothing at all. I do not know how but the SSL scanner has installed successfully.

Thanks for the help, although I cannot say any of us knows what the problem was...

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