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replace my old mobo and cpu and now Jaksta Media Recorder no longer activated

Hi, I had recently to bye a new motherboard (MSI X399) and a new cpu (Ryzen threadripper 2920X) and now I find out that my licence key activation is no longer working.

Can you please solve this issue for me, since my old motherboard is in the trash and no longer at service.

Best regards, for your excellent software.


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Ive removed your key and email from your post for privacy reasons.

That is a very old key, and keys arnt linked to hardware so there must be something else going on.  (possibly reached the limit of uses)

Could you please look up your new key here:   https://store.jaksta.com/store/lostkey.do 

or submit a licensing issue ticket via  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new   

The licensing team will issue you a new key for the latest version.

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