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Few files are not downloading from same website


1) I was facing with few files for not downloading and upgraded today.  Even after that, it is not downloading videos.

URL: https://www.datatrainedacademy.com/courses/take/applied-machine-learning/lessons/7667510-challenges-with-linear-regression 

It is authenticated website through which downloading for my personal use only.  Can you please fix this issue?

2) I was already registered with srinivasysr2003@yahoo.com and this portal does not allow me here when I click on "Forgot Password" link.  Attached screenshot for your reference and creating ticket with "srinivasysr2003@gmail.com" instead of yahoo.com.



Please provide your login details for this site by submitting them via this form:  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new 

And reference this forum post.

Removed for privacy

v7.0.2.4 improves detection of wistia hosted video, which is what this site is using.  You will be prompted with all available formats/protocols now.

Download from here:



I have followed upgrade recommendation option after downloading the software.  I have started running executable file as "Run as Administrator" by right clicking on this file.  For some reason, I have faced one issue with specific file (attached screenshot) and ignored this error.  After installation, reboot the system and able to download the files which were not downloading previously.  Will keep monitoring to download other videos and update, if any issues come across within next 7 days.  Otherwise, we can close this ticket.


If you feel that, installation is not completed properly, then I may uninstall and re-install the software based on your recommendation.  Will wait for update from you.

One of the JMR executable's was still running when the installation was occurring and the file was in use.  If nothing was on the screen you could kill it using the Windows Task Manager.

We can close this ticket as I am able to download the videos properly.



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