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Jaksta Media Recorder does not record Netflix and Prime Video

Good morning. I purchased Jaksta Media Recorder last Thursday night in order to record  Netflix and Prime Video movies and  shows to watch off line  with my students in classroom  activities. Sadly, the software only records from Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo etc. It is an expensive software and from what I read I could record 

any video  in the background and use my Macbook freely. I'm not interested in Jaksta Screen Recorder because you can not use your laptop while downloading. If there is no solution, I will be obliged to cancel my subscription and claim for a reimbursement. I will be awaiting a reply. Thank you so much.

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Hi John,

Apologies for the delayed of response.

Unfortunately Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac is unable to capture and download streams from Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is due to copyright and data protection features that they have implemented.

If you would like a full refund, please write to support@jaksta.com and include the personal information you used to make your purchase.



Jaksta Support

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