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Schedule the downloading of a live webcam stream?

 I can't find anything about scheduling for live streams (rather than TV/radio shows etc).

This is my specific problem.

I download this Nest.com cam 24/7 via this link: https://stream-ue4-bravo.dropcam.com/nexus_aac/715dbb3af4394e0eb61b20a015ba1f92/chunklist_w1388319042.m3u8?public=ubMEi8JJ26 and it has worked well for months, allowing for the odd dropout here and there, when I have to manually restart it as soon as I notice.

However, for the past several days the stream has been cutting out at midnight (US PST) every night - so I would like to schedule Jaksta to commence downloading at 00:02 nightly, whether the stream is already being downloaded or not.

Is this not possible? :'(  If it is, how can I set it up, please :)


Use the Live stream monitor function for this.

1.  Click the monitor tab

2.  Click the New Monitor button (the heart)

3. Give the monitor a name and enter the url.  Adjust the other tabs settings as required.

4.   Click the orange save monitor button.

5.  Click the Start monitors switch

The monitors will then start monitoring the streams.  In my example above if the stream stops it will be checked again 60 seconds later - repeating the check every 60 seconds until the stream is available again and then the download will happen again. This will continue indefinitely whilst the Monitor is on.

Thank you :)  At the moment it's saying "No stream detected" but is that because it's already downloading?

Anyway, I shall see how it goes.  That's really cheered me up! ;)

If you were already capturing the stream when you switched the monitoring on then yes as JMR doesnt allow duplicate streams.

If no stream was already being captured when the monitor was switched on and when it does a check and it says no stream detected, then the stream was not available when the check was made (ie it was offline or the url is wrong).

Let me know if there are issues.  Please provide debug logs if there are.

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