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Do you have a patch or settings suggestion my proxy settings kept changing to a 127.000.

HTTPS monitoring sets the default proxy to go through JRM so streams over HTTPS can be detected when AUTO is switched on.

If you are having specific issues with this feature please tell me what is happening and provide debug logs.  

You can also switch off HTTPS monitoring via the switch on Settings > Internet Downloads

Jmr is changing my proxy settings by first by activating the manual proxy setup, second by adding in address and another set of numbers in port. Im looking for a patch or settings tweek i can use to stop this from happening.

That is correct - it is supposed to do that when you switch AUTO on, so HTTPS streams will be directed to JMR for capture.  

If you don't want to capture HTTPS streams then switch of Monitor HTTPS/SSL on Settings > Internet Downloads.   Alot of streams though are over HTTPS so you will miss alot of it you do.

What is the actual issue you are having with this?

When the proxy settings change it wither shows an error msg or the stream will freeze. Either way i have to go to my proxy settings and delete the some time 20-30 times a night.

Can you provide debug logs as requested?

I went to reinstall jmr to send debuglog an actovation code said i tried to activate the software to many times

Fill this form out requesting the # of allowed activations to be increased.


You don't need to reinstall JMR to switch on debug mode.  Instructions are here:


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