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Activation requested when using docking station

Laptop - Dell XPS15 - 9560

Docking station - Dell TB16

I have been using Jaksta Media Recorder for some time purely on my laptop without any issues.

However, when I start JMR when laptop plugged into dock, I get the activation pop-up and must activate Jaksta Media Recorder again.

Then when I next use the laptop on its own and start Jaksta Media Recorder again I get the activation pop-up and must activate Jaksta Media Recorder again.

I have been in touch with support per email and they have boosted the number of activations and advised me to post this topic.

So here it is. Over to you.



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Your dock will have a different ethernet card in it to that in your laptop.  Info off that is used in the license verification mechanism we use.  No way around that sorry.

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