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I'm still with video without IMAGE

 Even following the steps of a possible solution, I still have problems !!
worse than now, no sound!
simply from the ERROR, or the corrupted video.

PQP, shame it's time to ask my money back

Is there a real solution to the black screen DVR? or is there just excuse and bullshit?


Why are you being abusive?  

As explained a windows update and a new version of chrome have stopped the DVR from working.  Calm down abit whilst we work through I new work around.

If you want a refund and purchased in the last 30 days then get one here:  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new

why am i being rude?
because I bought this app only for DVR, which doesn't work.

my windows is in version 1809, because I formatted it, and yet it doesn't work

Its been explained to you several times what the issues is with chrome and windows updates which I am working on supporting,  and also that xhamsterlive can be captured in AUTO mode.  You do not need the DVR feature.

Your rudeness and swearing is pretty ridiculous.   If you can't or don't want to follow directions on how to capture xhamsterlive, and if you are in the 30day refund period then simply request a refund per the link already provided.