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for a while now my Jaksta Media Recorder will crash and shut itself down, usually only once and rarely twice.

When I turn on my computer and start Jaksta Media Recorder and put it in auto mode usually within 1 hour, it could be after a couple of minutes or 45 minutes, Jaksta Media Recorder will freeze and shut itself down.
It doesn't give an error.
After this crash, when I open Jaksta Media Recorder, the files are still in the home tab media table and it says they are still recording but they aren't and it gives a size of something like 417KB instead of the actual size that had been recorded until it crashed.
It doesn't seem related to any particular stream from a certain website because it will sometimes shut itself down even when I am not recording something.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but when I would turn on auto mode and open a page in edge and chrome the internet to those pages got disconnected and the CPU usage of my Jaksta Media Recorder would become really high and that would keep going on for 5 minutes and then the CPU usage would go down, the internet to those pages would get restored and I could start recording in edge and chrome.
I put jmrp.exe in the exceptions list of my Avira and that didn't really help but when I put it in the exceptions list of my Malwarebytes that solved it because now when I first put on auto mode and open a page in edge and chrome the CPU usage of Jaksta Media Recorder will only go up high for about 20 seconds and then I can already start using it but then after a while I still get that crash.
I also have some warnings and errors in my windows event viewer, could that affect my Jaksta Media Recorder and cause the crash?

Thanks in advance.

Could be you are using an old version of winpcap.  Uninstall JMR and Winpcap manually using "Add Remove Programs", reboot and then install JMR and ensure npcap is selected.  The latest npcap will be downloaded and installed as part of that.

I followed your instructions and it hasn't crashed anymore, thanks so much!!!

After following your instructions it worked fine for a week but since yesterday it started crashing again.
It freezes and shuts itself down and disconnects the internet to microsoft edge and google chrome.

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