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Installation Malware Report

Thank you for your reply re “Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows – Blank Window”.  I attempted to do as you suggested, but had problems due to a report from ThreatTrack of Malware - I use VIPRE Internet Security.  I have also sent a query to Vipre.


I had Jaksta installed (JMR7- – installed and running successfully in August, although I cannot remember whether I actually used it or only updated it and checked that App would run).  Following your suggestion I fully uninstalled Jaksta.  Noting that the current version was unchanged (from, I re-ran file I downloaded in August ( I have since re downloaded the file, but with no change from what is to follow).  It installed successfully, then ran Jaksta, the Activation window appeared but immediately the Malware screen appeared and Jaksta aborted.  For your information I attach the Malware report.


As I have said I have raised a query with Vipre, but do you have any comments or suggestions?

Can you add JRM to a white list so it is allowed to run?  They are probably detecting the various methods we use to capture media as a threat in someway.

I presume you meant "JMR"?  I added the JMR folder to the "white list" and that did the trick, and have JakstaMR7 running, albeit with the Chrome Title Bar.  I look forward to your solution.

Thank you, John

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