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Jaksta Sporadic Download YouTube Failures

Occasionally Jaksta fails to download specific YouTube videos.  It works most of the time, but certain videos fail everytime I try (for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phUhvp812Mo).  Jaksta appears to proceed (I can see the progress as if it is normal) through the lengthy download process but ends with a error and the file ends with zero length.  I don't have this problem when using "YouTube by Click" free software.  

Is there anything that I can do to help Jaksta succeed?


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Thanks for reporting.  


MP4 opus audio stream failure - Caused by the attempt to mux the downloaded audio codec opus into an MP4 container.  MP4 does not support opus so extra conversion is required.  

WEBM VP9 video stream failure - VP9 is experimental in version of ffmpeg we distribute and is failing to mux.

Will handle this in the next release.

In the mean time select an MP4 H264/AAC stream and this will download and mux correctly.  This is most commonly what appears first in the list of available streams from youtube.


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