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Differences in Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac & Windows

I'd like to understand what differences in features ands capabilities exist between the latest builds of Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac and for Windows, if any.  I have both platforms, but would prefer to put Jaksta on my Mac if the all the same features and capabilities are in the Mac version as in the Windows varient.  

Thanks for any input!

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Hi Craig,

There is actually quite a big difference between the Mac and Windows versions of Jaksta, both in their appearance/features and how they function. They are also developed independently from one another. This makes it a bit hard to outline and compare all of their differences and abilities.

My suggestion would be to do one or both of the following:

1. View the User Guides for both programs to understand how they look and operate and allow for a point of comparison

2. As you have both a Windows and Mac machine, you could install a copy of each program and test them in demo mode

The one observations I will make is that the Windows version has some extra features, but at the same time can be a bit more technically involved (usually only comes to this when troubleshooting or trying to use some more advanced features). The Mac version is a simpler and cleaner, but isn't as versatile. 



Jaksta Support

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