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 after the new update I got infected with IDP.ALEXA.51

and yes, it's jaksta! because blocking the virus, it crashes and closes all the time.
I can't open without blocking this virus!
and even reinstalling the program again, my anti virus blocks immediately as soon as I start running.

do you have any explanation?

JMR available on our site does not have a virus in it.  

False positive with your virus software.  What AV are you using?



before it was Kaspersky, then I tried Avast and Panda.
Now I'm using AVG, they all block the program, and I can't use it.
and always detects when I try to use AUTO mode

The files we supply at jaksta.com do not contain viruses, malware, adware or anything else.

I cant comment on what you are seeing, but you can see the official scan here is clean for that exe: