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Unable to download "shared" YouTube live streams

On this YouTube 'page' there are 3 cams to choose from:


I select and copy the URL's from each cam and enter them into Jaksta Monitor - but each ends up having downloaded only Cam1.

With no hope, I wonder if Jaksta can do anything about this?


I would add that the same undownloadable streams will play successfully in VLC, but that's not as 'good' as Jaksta!

I have since posted a new Q to report a new development, but the post has not appeared over 24(?) hours later.

Now, no YouTube live streams will download.  These are ones I've been downloading for weeks without problems - I've tested a Twitch live stream, that's downloading fine.

(Is it a coincidence that YT has today gone on strike as far as processing is concerned - uploads complete quickly but then processing sticks on 0%.  Maybe YT has been hacked :o :o :o )

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