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dvr recording, sound comes out of speakers, recording will not complete

 i used this program yesterday with no issues, this morning i started to record another episode and i noticed the sound is coming out of my speakers, the episode would download for a few seconds then complete, with a partial show downloaded.      i have not changed any settings, pc was not shut down between time program worked to next day when program stopped operating correctly.     i shut down pc, rebooted. same results.      Jacksta did update recently.

i double checked settings menu, nothing appears changed.  i am sending a debug log with a file i attempted to download.   please advise on method to repair this concern


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Same problem here. It was working fine a couple of days ago but now the audio seems messed up and it's not recording (probably due to silence detection).

I too have fully uninstalled and reinstalled but it did not resolve the problem.

Nothing from support on this? It's still not working.

nope nothing.       i hope it gets sorted out.    for the price this program cots you expect a bug free program.    this thing drives like a $10 beater

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Nice Gantt, nice. 

Latest Chrome update has blocked recording. 

See https://www.jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/windows-10-1809-dvr-recordings-are-blankblack-videos-6000221913

I'm working on a solution ....

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Thanks CRS.......beautifully designed software...........hope you succeed with solution :)

Thanks CRS!

Could you please test this beta version which hopefully fixes the DVR recording issue.


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Thanks CRS the beta completely resolved the issues.......works great!

One insignificant detail to me is that under Get Support on app it still

shows v7029 not v7030.

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