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SlingTV could be recorded in trial version but not after activation

I used the trial version of Jaksta Media Recorder with SlingTV.  During the process, I saw a record button from Jaksta Media Player come up within the SlingTV app and I was able to record a short portion of a recording I have on SlingTV’s cloud.  So I decided to pay for the Jaksta Deluxe Bundle. 


However, after I started using the licensed version, I can no longer record from SlingTV.  I saw the below copied entry in the community support site.  There was an offer to provide version 5 with a license which I assume will work on SlingTV.


I would like one of the following:


1.Instructions on how to get Jaksta Media Recorder record from SlingTV, 

2. Receive a copy of v5 for Windows with a license if it works with SlingTV, or

3. Refund the purchase price of the Jaksta Deluxe Bundle..

If I turn on the Auto in the Stream Downloader, SlingTV won't start up.  If I start Auto on the Stream Downloader while a video is running on SlingTV, the video will stop and cannot be started until Auto is turned off.

Also, SlingTV requires that a Windows app be downloaded in order to watch its shows.  Shows cannot be viewed using a browser.

No sure about SlingTV.   Im sure about Jaksta Media Player record button?  Could you screenshot it so I can understand what you are talking about?

I assume it definitely wouldnt work with V5 as that is very old (2015) and streaming protocols have changed alot.   

Anyway you can get the last v5 here:  http://downloads.jaksta.com/release/jak5/  If it does work then please let me know.

If you want a refund then request it here:  https://support.jaksta.com/support/tickets/new 

Hi.  You are correct that V5 does not work. There really isn't anything to provide a screenshot for. The Store (on Windows 10) has the SlingTV app. You cannot watch SlingTV through a browser which is likely why Jaksta Media Recorder won't work with it.

In both V5 and with the current version of Media Recorder, if "Auto" is on, the SlingTV app won't work.  If Auto is on before staring the SlingTV app, SlingTV won't load and will say that the computer is not connected to the internet.  If SlingTV is already running and showing a video, once Auto is turned on, the stream stops.  

On the trial version, I was able to start the SlingTV app and then at some point, a Jaksta tool bar showed up (on top of the SlingTV app) with a record button and some others as well.  That was how I recorded part of a show with the trial version.

I'm wondering if SlingTV uses Java to display the content.  I have another program that is a "screen recorder" and it also does not record SlingTV but only shows the icons at the bottom of the screen.


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